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Crete is Greece's largest and most southerly island and the fifth largest in the Mediterranean sea. Crete island, separates the Aegean from the Libyan Sea and marks the boundary between Europe and Africa. The island is mostly mountainous, with a large mountain chain running east to west. Crete, with all its natural and historical attractions, is a fascinating holiday destination. It offers a varied landscape, fantastic beaches, crystal-clear sea water, pleasantly mild and healthy climate, fertile valleys, picturesque villages and pretty seaside towns, vivid life and traditions on the same time. Old stone farmhouses, monasteries and villages perched on mountain ridges, castles and chapels forgotten on steep slopes. The distance between Crete and the mainland and the fertility of its land, have made the island independent for many centuries. Over time Crete developed a culture of its own, with distinct language and traditions. The island occupies an area of 3.219 square miles and has an important position in the economy as well as the cultural heritage of Greece.

The capital of Crete is Heraklion town.

Rethymnon town: A travel in time as if time had never passed . The beautiful Rethymno town (39 kms) is combining an old- time aristocratic appearance with a modern aspect, a blend which is creating a unique atmosphere. Rethymnon is the third biggest town of the island (about 40.000 inhabitants). It lies along the north coast and it is an administrative and commercial centre of the area and the base of the University. Rethymno is the most well-preserved Renaissance town in Greece. It represents a place of contrasts, boasting about long and remarkable history as well many untouched places of natural beauty and living traditions.

The province is the heart of the island, with clear blue seas, the mount of Psilorotis and the picturesque villages where are still alive the traditional rhythms and ways. There are traces of a civilisation that dates back 4,500 years, numerous Byzantine churches and monasteries, enchanting Venetian monuments, caves, gorges and unique flora and fauna.

Rethymnon is the homeland of Zeus, the god of Hospitality. The great number of visitors who return repeatedly confirms the words of the poet: ”Rethymno is not a place where you go to, but a place where you return.”

Heraklion town is the largest city of Crete with a population of about 160.000, and capital of the island. It is the economic, scientific and commercial center of the island. It houses the main port and the main airport of Crete. The history of the town starts in Minoan era with Knossos palace a few kms outside the town. The Archaeological Museum in Heraklion is practically worth the trip to Crete alone. Almost without peer in Greece, the facility’s Minoan collection is internationally famous. The exhibitions cover the island’s history from the Neolithic Age to the Greco-Roman era. Even today we can have a taste of the glorious past of the town.

Chania town: The beautiful town of Chania has managed to keep its local and authentic colors, despite the growing tourism. Chania is the main town in the west of Crete, with the second largest population after Heraklion (about 70.000 inhabitants). Attractions of Chania are the old Venetian harbour with the its famous lighthouse, the mosque of Kucuk Hasan, the building of the great Arsenal, the shipyards, the unique central market, the church of St. Rocco, the cathedral of Chania, the archaeological museum, the Maritime Museum in Fort Firkas, the Prefecture and the Courts, the graves of Venizelos family, the narrow streets of the old town etc.

One day itineraries in Crete by Car

  • Anemos villas – Sellia village - Souda beach - Plakias- Damnoni bay - Preveli monastery - Preveli palm beach - Myrthios village

  • Anemos villas - Spili - Agios Pavlos beach - Triopetra beach - Ligres beach

  • Anemos villas - Spili - Agia Galini – Phaistos ancient town- Gortyna -  Matala bay

  • Anemos villas - Kali Sikia - Alones - Argiroupoli springs -Kournas lake - the villages of Apokoronas (full day)

  • Anemos villas - Rodakino - Frangokastello- Sfakia- Anopolis (8-10 hrs)

  • Anemos villas - Rodakino - Sfakia - by boat to Loutro - Agia Roumeli - Samaria gorge (full day)

  • Anemos villas - Rethymno - Platanias - Adele - Amnatos - Arkadi - Eleftherna - Ancient Eleftherna - Margarites (full day)

  • Anemos villas - the fascinating Amari valley and the artificial lake of Potamoi, the biggest in Crete (full day)

  • Anemos villas - Balos beach (the blue lagoon) and Gramvousa island (full day)

  • Anemos villas - Elafonisi beach, one of the best beaches of the island (full day)

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